Youth Case Management

Youth Case Management (YCM) services are provided in partnership by the Division of Child Behavioral Health Services and Trinitas Regional Medical Center. YCM is a goal directed system, which provides comprehensive services for youth with special needs and their families. The YCM team works with the youth and their family to support them through the process of developing or maintaining appropriate services to maximize the youth's level of functioning in the community. YCM provides timely, community-based services for youth, families and caregivers, while collaborating with all parties to provide strength-based, supportive community living.

Youth Case Management encourages each youth to reach their full potential for learning, growth, and emotional stability within the family or natural support system. YCM uses a comprehensive Individualized Service Plan to help the youth and family to identify short and long term goals within many life domains; and encourages continued growth toward reaching those goals. The Youth Case Managers are knowledgeable in a vast array of services; school, vocation, legal, psychiatric, clinical, to name a few.

Who Do We Serve?

Youth Case Management serves children and adolescents who reside in Union County, or whose family of origin currently resides in Union County. Youth Case Management works with youth living with their parents, or identified caregiver; and works with children living in congregate care with the goal of returning home.

Youth Case Management provides services for youth with special needs and challenges within the behavioral / emotional health spectrum. Our goal is to promote normal development patterns and to prevent conditions from worsening and requiring a higher level of intervention. 

YCM Services

Coordinated Assessment, Development & Implementation of Plan

Service Coordination and Management

Strength-Based, Supportive Approach

System Advocacy

How To Refer To YCM

With consent from the guardian, a referral to YCM is made by calling 1-877-652-7624. A representative from Value Options, the Contract System's Administrator (CSA), will receive the phone call; the caller must request YCM services. Once the CSA determines that YCM is the appropriate service intervention, the CSA will refer the youth to Youth Case Management. A Youth Case Manager will contact the family and will begin providing services

Is the Family Involved?

Youth Case Managers utilize community resources to support the youth and family. The Youth Case Manager will collaborate with the family to help determine the agencies already involved and with whom they would like to involve in the current care. YCM respects the family's experience and knowledge regarding the youth and will partner with the family to understand and provide what is needed.

For more information, please contact the Program Director at 908-994-7380.