The Student Support Program

Skill Building for Students with Learning and/or Behavior Problems

The Problem:  Many students today have learning, behavior, emotional and/or attention problems. These children often get frustrated, bored, upset, disruptive or aggressive when challenged by school work. Their difficulties frustrate teachers and take time away from classroom instruction.

The Solution:  The Student Success Program builds the most important skills these students need to improve their achievement. The program builds the learning skills of at risk students and guides teachers in using techniques to motivate, engage, control and guide these students.  The program guides parents in using effective techniques at home to academic success in school.    

Program Components Include:

  1. A Success Skill Building Curriculum: Instruction of students in critical success skills 
  2. Focusing students on improving their learning, study, memorization, self control, organization, follow through, positive behavior, test taking, communication and learning skills 
  3. Instruction of teachers in easy to use classroom management & instruction effectiveness skills  
  4. Use of ‘Doing Great’ Charts to focus program students on improving the 2 most important skills they need to strengthen that can significantly improve their academic and classroom success 
  5. A method for tracking individual student progress and program success  
  6. Parent involvement in student skill building 
  7. Success Maps and charts for student to visually track their progress 
  8. A reward system for exciting and motivating student improvement 

The program is effective and research based.  The program was created by Dr. Rodger Goddard, our Chief Psychologist, with over 27 years of experience in consultation and program development in the schools