On Site School Programs That Work

We offer a vast array of school based programs to help at risk students succeed.  

Wellness Management Services

Student Success


Wellness Management Programs Include:

The Student Behavior Improvement Program

Many students today are intensely disruptive, distractible and/or aggressive.  This program provides schools and teachers with a method for decreasing negative student behaviors and improving on task, positive student behaviors. Teachers are instructed in the use of effective classroom management skills.  A color level system is put into place to motivate positive student behavior.  Consequences, rewards, behavior skill instruction and parent involvement are used to build positive behavior in at risk students. The program can target improving the behavior of specific students, classes or be implemented school wide.  We tailor the program to fit your school's needs and resources.        

ADHD Student Skill Building

A very high number of students have concentration, attention and organization problems.  This program helps teachers and ADHD students to build the skills necessary for their success in school.  

The Student Achievement Skill Building Program

This program uses a weekly teacher email curriculum and/or skill building groups to improve student learning and academic skills. The program can be provided either in a train the trainer format to instruct your staff in using the weekly student skill building method or by providing our staff to conduct the student skill building sessions. 

Psycho Educational Skill Building Groups

This program provides your school with a counselor who conducts a number of student skill training groups. Groups may include:  Conflict Resolution Skills, Anger Management, Organization Skill Building, The Secrets to Success in School, Overcoming Attention Difficulties, Positive Communication, Social Skill Building and others.

The Teacher Consultation Program

Teachers are over stressed and overwhelmed.  Many teachers need help and guidance in handling the special needs of students in their class.  This program provides teachers with guidance and support from a psychologist. We have found that providing teachers with ongoing consultation helps them to follow through on implementing corrective strategies to improve at risk student achievement. The consultant can be stationed in the school for teachers to consult with or make rounds to provide teachers with short check in sessions in their classrooms.   


Weekly Consultation for Special Service and Guidance Counselor Staff

Special service and guidance staff are constantly dealing with crisis, teacher problems and student conflict.  Teachers expect support staff to wave a magic wand to instantly transform students. Handling student crisis and getting teachers to follow through with recommendations is an intense challenge for special service and guidance staff. This program provides special service and guidance counselors with a weekly psychologist consultation meeting to discuss, explore and implement solutions to student problems and ongoing difficulties. This program is also offered in a biweekly format.   

The Parent Support and Guidance Program

Teachers and school staff know that parents are a critical element in a student's success or failure.  Yet it is often very difficult to get parents involved.  It is hard to get parents to build positive behavior, homework, learning and self discipline skills in the home. On site parent presentations often only 'preach to the choir' of involved parents who are already providing positive guidance.  This program attempts to reach and guide parents in their own homes. It uses a variety of methods to guide parents in building their children’s success skills in the home.  Once a month parent support meetings, weekly and/or daily parent emails, text and voice messages are used to get hard to reach parents involved.   

The On Site Student Counseling Program

Guidance and special services staff are often too busy and unable to provide the ongoing counseling that many students need to resolve their emotional, academic and social difficulties.  We staff schools with counselors to provide guidance, support and skill building for students in need of help. 

Stress Management and Health Improvement Program for Teachers and School Staff

Educators today face tough challenges and intense stress.  District health care costs are enormous. We offer an on site and/or an email curriculum program for improving teacher and school staff health. Improving teacher and employee health decreases health care costs, insurance premiums and absences from work.  Improving teacher and employee health improves productivity, morale and work effectiveness.  We focus teachers and staff on achieving their most important health improvement goals including weight loss, smoking cessation, healthy eating and stress management.