Partial Hospital Programs   

Our partial hospital programs offer four different services and that provide an intensive therapeutic structured milieu for youth.  The goals of the programs are to work in partnership with children and their families to maintain children with emotional, behavioral and psychiatric difficulties in the community.  The programs help children return to the community with support.  We help prevent re-hospitalization by stabilizing behaviors.  Our programs are sometimes used as a step-down setting for children and adolescents coming from an inpatient unit, or as an alternative to an inpatient level of care.  

Full and Half-Day Programs are available.  Youth are referred based on their level of need.  One of our Day Treatment Program provides services for children ages 5-17.  Our other program is an Adolescent Substance Abuse Program (MICA) which provides services for children ages 13-17.  Our MICA program serves teenagers who have emotional, behavioral, psychiatric and substance abuse problems.  These two programs include an educational component, which is implemented within the program day.  We provide two Half Day Programs.  One of these half day programs provides treatement for children ages 5-8 for after school services.  Our other half day program provides services for children ages 9-17 after school.  Youth who are 18 and are still enrolled in school may attend Day Treatment, MICA or Afterschool Program.  Program services include a psychiatric evaluation, group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, milieu treatment and medication monitoring, as needed