Students today present with a myriad of emotional and behavioral problems.  We offer on site 1 to 5 day a week counseling programs for k - 12 students.  Our counseling programs are tailored to your school and students' needs.  We work with teachers and  your school's crisis teams to provide on site services for students with emotional, academic, behavioral and social problems.  Our on site programs are based on teaching students the key skills they need to overcome their problems.  School social workers, nurses and guidance counselors today are often overloaded with responsibilities and troubled students.  We act as a support to your teachers and staff in providing safe, confident, psycho educational skill building and counseling right in your school.  Our staff works with teachers to help them identify and respond to students in need.   

School Based Mental Health Services

Trinitas provides a variety of services to various school districts within Union and other surrounding counties, including Union Township, Roselle, Rahway, and Elizabeth. The services include school based programs, consultation and training.  

TRMC also provides comprehensive school based services utilizing the Department of Children and Families supported model of School Based Youth Service Programs which includes a multidimensional approach to supporting academic and personal success. Some of our school based clinical programs are funded by the Department of Children and Families and utilize Master’s prepared clinical staff to provide individual, group and family therapies.  In addition, clinicians provide case management, crisis intervention and support the IEP and I&RS planning process and interventions.  Some of our PCP&P programs are currently located in the Halsey and Jefferson Academies at the Elizabeth High School and Abraham Clark High School in Roselle.  Services include mental health, substance abuse, vocational and health education and counseling.  In addition, recreation is included in the program design and implementation.