Union COUNTY Children’s Mobile Response & Stabilization System (CMRSS) 

Available 24 hours a day / 7days a week

Scope of Services

  • Quick response and assessment of the crisis;
  • Immediate therapeutic interventions to control and diffuse the crisis situation;
  • Further assessment using a specialized Crisis Assessment Tool (CAT);
  • Development of an Individualized Crisis Plan (ICP);
  • Crisis Stabilization Determination. Referral to psychiatric emergency services evaluation. 
  • Referral and connections to community resources;
  • Termination of crisis response after 72 hours, if the situation is stabilized or additional stabilization services for up to 8 weeks.

Stabilization Services May Include:

  • Management and coordination of services/interventions identified in crisis plan;
  • In-community therapy;
  • Behavioral assistance
  • On-going education/information and referral.

These services in Union County are provided by Trinitas Regional Medical Center in coordination with the NJ Department of Children and Families Children System of Care. 

How Can You Reach Us?

With parental/guardian consent, family members, professionals, and other concerned parties may access our services by calling the Contracted Systems Administrator (CSA): 1-877-652-7624 (24 hours a day/7 days a week). 

What Happens When You Make the Call?

  • A representative from the CSA will receive the initial information;
  • Based on the information provided, the CSA chooses from a variety of possible services to help stabilize the situation;
  • To notify the CMRSS of the crisis, the CSA will provide a three-way conversation with the calling party and CMRSS to pass on pertinent information;
  • The CMRSS will gather additional critical information from the caller and make arrangements to respond to the crisis;
  • The CMRSS provides an immediate response (within one hour) to the site of the crisis or as arranged at the request of the child and family;
  • The client and family may be referred for additional stabilization services 

Who is Eligible?

Children and youth residing or located in Union County, who are exhibiting escalating emotional and/or behavioral difficulties which threaten to disrupt their current living arrangement. Typically, we work with children who are at-risk and require crisis intervention to stabilize them in their home or community.   

Eligible Age Group Categories Include:

  • Children and youth, young adults, age 0-21, who have been recipients of services through the Division of Child Protection and Permanency, the Division of Mental Health Services (DMHS), or the Juvenile Justice (JJ) system.

Where Do We Provide Services?

The CMRSS is responsible for delivering services wherever the child/youth is exhibiting escalating behavior.  We most often see children in their own homes but will respond to crisis situations in other settings-shelters, schools, police departmentsor elsewhere in the Union County community.

To make a referral, contact the CSA at  877-652-7624

CSA and CMRSS are available 24 hours a day - Seven days a week.


The Children’s Mobile Response and Stabilization System (CMRSS) was developed by the Partnership for Children in coordination with Trinitas Regional Medical Center.  The CMRSS provides immediate and intensive services with the goal of maintaining children in the community and their home environment.  We work together with the family to maximize strengths and help provide services to support the relationship between the youth and their family.


Any child who resides in Union County is eligible for our services.  We typically work with children who are at risk and require intervention to stabilize them in their home/community environment.  We also provide stabilization services to children in the foster care system to help them adjust to and maintain their foster placement.


With consent from the guardian, you can reach us by calling: 1-877-652-7624.  A representative from the Contract System Administrator (CSA) will receive the initial information.  Based on the information provided, the CSA chooses from a variety of possible services to help stabilize the situation.


When the CSA representative determines that CMRSS will best serve the needs of the child and family, they will refer the call to the CMRSS and a Mobile Response Worker will respond to the location of the crisis. The Mobile Response worker will work with the family and child to develop and implement an Initial Crisis Plan (ICP).  CMRSS will remain involved for up to 72 hours following the development of an ICP for families who are able to stabilize with these interventions.  


If a child and family require more Intensive Intervention and further Stabilization CMRSS can initiate services for up to 8 weeks.  CMRSS can provides crisis stabilization services. CMRSS also assists families in accessing community based therapeutic services ( Short-Term Intensive In-Home Therapy, Individual, Group and Family Counseling, Partial Hospitalization Programs). CMRSS can also refer a child to Case Management Services to help stabilize the situation.  We work with the child and family to determine what service is necessary to maintain the child in their natural environment.  CMRSS utilizes community-based Resources to provide the most appropriate interventions and Services for the child and family.  

Children's Mobile Response & Stabilization System

CMRSS services are aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of children and youth and their families/care-givers, who are facing crisis situations and/or behavioral health problems.

CMRSS agencies are committed to providing services as expeditiously as possible in order to resolve a child or youth’s urgent emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues with the goal of maintaining the youth in the home and community environment.

Goals and Objectives

  • Quickly respond (within one hour) to the individual needs of children in crisis and their families;
  • Assist children and their families gain control of their behaviors and emotions;
  • Provide education, intervention, and support to assist and encourage families in anger/crisis management;
  • Improve the stability of day-to-day living emotionally and behaviorally;
  • Reduce the need for out-of-home placement or psychiatric hospitalization; and
  • Maintain children in safe and stable living arrangements.
For more information, please contact: 
Program Director-908-994-7154

Children’s Mobile Response & Stabilization System