The Child and Adolescent Inpatient Unit is comprised of two components: The Children’s Crisis Intervention Service (CCIS 13 beds) and The Intermediate Sub-Acute Unit (27 beds).  The goal of both units is to provide psychiatric stabilization and treatment.  The treatment is provided within the context and guiding philosophy of a therapeutic community and implemented by a multidisciplinary team.  The inpatient units help to assure safe stabilization and treatment toward a positive discharge. We help children learn better communication, problem solving and coping skills, as well as gain better self control.  

Children’s Crisis Intervention Service (CCIS) 

The CCIS is a 13-bed short-term inpatient psychiatric unit servicing children and adolescents with acute psychiatric disorders between the ages of 5 and 17 who are residents of Union and neighboring counties.  The unit accepts both voluntary and involuntary admissions. Youth admitted to the inpatient unit are those who present with illnesses/behaviors that are severe enough to prohibit alternative treatment (outpatient services, partial hospitalization or residential treatment).  The overall goal of the unit is to provide psychiatric evaluation and treatment, psychological evaluation, and medication management to those children admitted to the facility. Average length of stay on the CCIS is 8 days.  

Intermediate or Sub-Acute Unit   

The Intermediate Unit is a 27-bed inpatient psychiatric unit for children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 17 who require extended hospitalization after their stay on a CCIS unit.  It is one of two in the State of New Jersey. The Intermediate Unit is designed to provide longer-term treatment that is community based. Average length of stay on the Intermediate Unit is 35-40 days. 

Patients on both the CCIS and Intermediate Unit receive ongoing psychiatric supervision for evaluation and psychopharmacological treatment. Individual and group therapy models are used to focus on the expression of feeling and the learning of problem-solving skills. Family therapy is also encouraged with sessions held 1-2 times per week focusing on the dynamics of family interaction to encourage an improved family system, as well as deal with conflict resolution and improved family communication. 

Behavioral modification systems help the youth identify and target behavior and treatment goals.  Psycho-educational groups are offered to further engage the client in issues that impact on daily living.  The focus of these groups is to promote skills with which to deal with issues such as anger management, compliance with treatment, and substance abuse.  The Union County Educational Services Commission provides daily classroom education (Monday-Friday), during the school year to assure that patients receive academic structure and continuity in academic progress.

 Developmentally Disabled/Mentally Ill Program-

10 of the 27 beds on the Intermediate Unit have been designated for the treatment of children/adolescents who are dually diagnosed DD/MI presenting with significant psychiatric and behavioral problems that require inpatient treatment. Unique services are available to provide specialized treatment for this population. 

For more information contact the Child Inpatient Services Director: 

Michelle Perna, LCSW Director, Child Inpatient (908) 994 - 7712; 994 - 7720 or

New Point Specialty Adolescent Program

Director, Mike Rossilli, LCSW 908 994 7188

(formerly Residential Treatment Center)

The New Point Specialty (NPS) is a 15 bed psychiatric facility (specialty bed) – serving adolescents who are residents of NJ between the ages of 14 and 18.  Services are voluntary.  The Children System of Care (CSOC), Contract Systems Administrator (PerformCare) determines the specialty bed level of care and referrals are made via the SRTU for admission into the program.  NPS is licensed by The Office of Licensing and accredited by the Joint Commission.

The program model is designed to respond to the needs of traumatized youth who have severe behavioral and emotional disturbances.  Youth admitted into the program demonstrate an array of behaviors that include but are not limited to impulse control, anger outbursts, assaultive behaviors, self-harming acts, and oppositional behaviors.  An array of specialized treatment are incorporated into the trauma focused model including, Sexually Reactive Behavior and/or Fire-Setting Specific Treatment.  Comprehensive family treatment is done when applicable which may include psycho-educational, group, and clinical family sessions.  Treatment is provided by a multidisciplinary team, which includes but is not limited to a Board Certified Psychiatrist, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Social Workers, Nurse, Recreation Therapist, and childcare workers.

The overall goal of the New Point Specialty is to provide supervised, licensed, 24-hour care in conjunction with an intensive treatment program for youth with severe behavioral and emotional disturbances.  Treatment includes family involvement where clinically appropriate.  A full high school academic program is offered on site by the Union County Educational Services Commission staff.  Residents who are able to meet behavioral treatment goals attend the Lamberts Mill Academy in Westfield, NJ.

For more information contact the NPS Program Director:

Mike Roselli at